How to clear your Cookies, Browsing History and Cache

When you browse the internet, your web browser will typically keep a record of the sites you visit in your Browser History. If you've got cookies enabled, you'll also pick up various "cookie" files which websites place on your computer. Your web browser will also typically keep copies of the files it's downloaded to show you the various websites you've seen (eg. the images, text and code for a website).

List of guides on clearing your Cookies, Browsing History and Cache

Why should I clear my cookies, browsing history and cache?

Normally, there's no real reason to need to clear these things. Most browsers will hold on to the files for a set time (usually a few weeks) so that when you return to a site, it doesn't have to re-download all the files again.

But sometimes, you want to clear what you've been looking at the internet on your computer; perhaps you're buying someone a birthday present and you don't want them to see what you were looking at for them. Or perhaps you've used a shared public or library computer and you don't want the next user to see all the URLs you were looking at.

Remember, that clearing your cookies, history and cache only affects the computer you're on at the time. It's still possible for anyone responsible for providing you with your internet connection to snoop on what you've been looking at: this can include your ISP, the Wifi point you've accessed, or your Work's internet. Using a VPN is one way of helping prevent other people snooping on your online activities. Read our guide on hiding your IP address.

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