The latest user agents for web browsers

We've created an always up to date list of the latest user agents for all the popular web browsers; you can find it in this section of the site.

These user agents will always show the current user agents for each browser. It's powered by our awesome Browser Versions API. Please check it out if it's something you need in your own system.

Why do I need to know the latest user agent for a browser?

Good question! Most "normal" users don't need to know this kind of thing; you're probably more interested in what browser you're using or if you've got cookies enabled or not.

However, some websites are really strict about which web browsers they allow to use them: some websites don't allow less common browsers to access them, even though the browser is perfectly capable of displaying the website normally. Why would they do this? We're not really sure - it's pretty unfriendly behaviour! If you have any ideas or hunches, let us know! Until recently, Netflix wouldn't let users who were running the Linux operating system to access Netflix; even if they were a paying customer.

So to get around these kinds of blocks, one popular trick is to change your web browser's user agent; so that instead of appearing to be using one web browser, you actually seem like you're using a different browser which is "permitted" to use the website.

So to do this, you need to know what the latest user agent is for the browser you want to impersonate.

Another reason is you might be a systems administrator who wants to check their server logs to see how many people have accessed their site with the latest version of a web browser.

Both of these cases require you to know what the latest user agent is for each browser. That's what we've provided here! We hope you find it helpful.

Need web browser version numbers via an API?

Our Browser Versions API will give you just what you need! It's a part of our powerful API which also gives you access to the best user agent parser available. Since it's accessed via an API, it's available for your system right now - regardless of what software language you've built your system with; and you'll also never need to worry about updating your software libraries; it's always up to date!

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