Developer Tools

User Agent Parser & User Agent Catalog

Submit any user agent string and get a detailed analysis of it. You can also browse a well organised catalog of millions of different user agents.

Parse user agents

Browse through a huge catalog of user agents

User Agent parsing API

The user agent parser detects a huge number of browsers, platforms, libraries and crawlers; and now due to popular demand; you can use it natively in your system.

Get detailed information about your user's computer systems, so your customer support team can instantly know what they're dealing with when there's a problem; or so that your Crash Reports can include a clear analysis of the client's system. There's lots of ways you can enhance your site with this.

Visit the User agent API site to learn more

Minimum System Requirements Tool

Give your visitors an easy to use tool which shows whether their system meets your requirements or not.

Use the wizard to create a custom check, just for your website.

Browser Reports

Every home page visit results in a unique URL that your users can email or tweet to you.

Learn more

Send web browser info via email

The homepage of detects a ton of info about your web browser; but lets be honest; it's hard for someone to copy and paste all of it into an email and send it to their Support Desk... that's why we have the Email tool!

Your users can simply plug yours and their emails and names (or Ticket Number) into the form on the homepage and you'll get a clear and detailed email about their system; not just the the user agent stuff, but (as long as they've got JavaScript enabled) - you'll also see things like their Flash version, Java version, HTML5 feature support and more!

Learn more about web browser email reports and how to prepopulate the form

Embed our detection with an IFrame

Not ready for the API yet? Well, it's still super easy to just embed powerful web browser detection on your site using an IFrame.

Thousands of websites use this tool to display their customer's web browser name, version and capabilities on their website - (support pages, contact pages, error pages etc). Add it to your business's website so your users don't even have to leave your website. Awesome.

Visit the IFrame page for more details and examples

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