About the WhatIsMyBrowser.com Project

Web Developers or I.T. Support need to know which web browser their client or staff are using. It's hard to help a non-technical person figure out exactly what browser and plugin versions they're using, so whatismybrowser.com does this quickly, simply and clearly for them, making your job easier.

This site's creation stemmed from a real world need; I needed to find out what browser set up one of my client's staff was using, however all the existing sites on the net that tried to do this displayed the information far too technically and with too much arcane user agent information for the average user who just needs to know the top line information.

This site aims to be as straightforward and user friendly for non technical users, extensive in its detection, and to still provide the extended information for advanced users who need it.

The detection algorithms used on the site are being updated daily to keep detecting new browsers as they are released.

The WhatIsMyBrowser.com Mission statement

Overarching objectives

  • to provide a tool which contributes to making web development and technical support as easy as possible
  • to encourage users to use modern web browsers for safer and fuller web experiences
    • second to this; to make web developers jobs easier by encouraging users to abandon old web browsers

Specific objectives

  • to provide the most clear and user friendly web browser and system detection website in the world
  • to provide the most complete web browser and system detection website in the world

Media enquiries

Interested in featuring the site on your blog or site? Head over to the Media / Press Kit page for more helpful info.

Free Stickers

Want some free whatismybrowser.com stickers? For a limited time only, we'll send you some whatismybrowser.com stickers, completely free of charge!. We get them from StickerMule and they look awesome. Whack 'em on your laptop or where-ever else you want! If you send us a pic on Twitter or email we'd love to feature it online!

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Our Email Provider

We use and love FastMail. We've used them for several years now for managing all our email accounts and think they're great. They cost a little bit of money each year, but we think it's a fine trade-off for increased privacy and excellent support. If you want to switch to using them, then feel free to use our fastmail referal link - it'll get you 10% off your first year and give us some credit too. Sweet!

Terms and Conditions

For the Terms and Conditions of using this site; including privacy notes, please read our Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions.

Stay in touch

Follow us on Twitter: @whatismybrowser

Send us a message via the Contact Us page.

Thank You to:

Everyone who has given me constructive feedback and encouragement, including all the people who have taken a moment to send me a quick message to say thanks.

Thanks to Marcus Byrne for our logo, he's an excellent melbourne retoucher, check him out if you need some photographic retouching or graphic design work.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com/ to do the IP based location detection.

The CSS for this website uses normalize.css v8.0.1 | MIT License | github.com/necolas/normalize.css. Thanks Nicolas!

And to everyone who uses this site: Thank you.

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