How to install Adobe Flash Player

What is Flash?

Adobe Flash Player is a plugin for your web browser which allows interactive multimedia on websites.

Years ago, entire websites used to be made using Flash, however these days Flash tends to be used more for key features on websites, such as Video Players or Flash Games (eg. Candy Crush).

List of guides to install Flash

Do I need to install Flash?

Due to the rise of new web technologies (such as HTML5 and more advanced JavaScript) as well as iPhone & iPad not supporting Flash, fewer and fewer companies and software developers are using Flash, so the need to have Flash installed on your computer is declining.

Some sites still use Flash for parts of their website; so if you really need to use those features, then you need to install Flash!

However there have been a number of serious security problems found in Flash in the last few years, so as a result a lot of security-conscious users have been recommending: don't install Flash unless you specifically need it.

And most importantly; if you do install Flash: Make sure you keep it up to date! This will help you stay safe and secure on the internet.

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