Enable Cookies in Chrome on Mobile

We have lots of guides for enabling and disabling Cookies in different browsers on different platforms, however, Google have decided that on mobile devices: namely the Android and iOS platforms, that they won't allow cookies to be disabled!

Cookies can't be disabled in Chrome on Mobile devices

We don't have a guide for enabling (or disabling) Cookies in Chrome on Android or iOS because that option doesn't exist!

No cookie control

While cookies are admittedly very important for using most modern websites, a lot of people still want to be able to disable them or at least control their options regarding cookies. In particular, how third-party cookies are handled by their browsers.

These options are no longer available in Chrome on Android or iOS.

We can't quite pinpoint the exact version of Chrome on Android where this option was removed, but we know that it was at least still available in Chrome 42. It has been removed sometime since then. (If anyone can confirm the release that removed this option, we'd love to know!)

Looking for guides to enable Cookies in other web browsers?

Here are some guides for other web browsers like Safari or Firefox.

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