What is the latest version of my web browser?

There are lots of different web browsers available today - and that's great! The availabilty of different browsers means that users always have a good selection of web browsers to choose from to suit their own needs. Different web browsers tend to specialise on different aspects of being online.

And a bit of healthy competition between the browser manufactorers means that they don't get lazy and everyone keeps innovating and pushing towards new developments.

Different web browsers have very different browser versions though - some browsers such as Safari tend to get a new "major" version once or twice a year, yet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox might increase their "major" version every month or two.

There's no right or wrong way of doing it - those browsers are always getting updated by their manufactorers, it's just that they use different approaches to changing their version numbers.

The version numbers for latest browsers:

Here we have a series of pages which will tell you the latest version number/s for the most popular web browsers.

The version numbers of these pages will update automatically each time a new browser version is released. You can check back regularly to see when new versions are released.

If you ever need to check if your web browser is up to date, our homepage will always tell you your web browser is up to date or not, and if it's not we have a series of guides to help you update your web browser.

Need web browser version numbers via an API?

If you're a Software Developer or Systems Administrator who needs to use these version numbers in your own project or software, then we've made these software versions available via our Browser Versions API.

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