How to set Safari as your default browser

Setting Safari as your default web browser in OS X is very easy. Here's a guide showing you how to do it.

  1. Open Safari

    The setting for controlling your default browser in OS X is actually controlled from within Apple's own web browser itself.

    An open copy of Safari on OS X

  2. Click the "Safari" menu item and choose "Preferences"

    Safari's Preferences will let you change many things about Safari, including your default browser.

    The Preferences item in the Safari menu

  3. Choose the browser you want to be the default

    Safari's Preferences will open on the General tab. The top item you see on the General tab is a select field labelled Default web browser:

    You will see which ever browser you currently have set as your default there. This is a "select" field - you can click it and another menu will appear giving you various options to select.

    When you click it, you will see a list of all the web browsers that are installed on your computer. Pick the one that you want to be your default browser for this computer.

    A list of browsers installed on your computer

  4. Close the Preferences window

    Now that you have selected your default browser for macOS, you can close the Preferences window (by clicking the red dot in the top-left corner) and resume your web browsing.

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