How to install Java on iPhone

It is not possible to install Java on iPhone

We're sorry, but it's actually impossible to install the Java Run Time Environment on an iPhone (or iPad or iPod!) Apple's mobile operating system (iOS) has never supported Java and it never will.

This shouldn't really be a problem because Java is widely considered "dead" technology. It isn't required to be installed to use the modern internet, so the fact that you can't install it on your iPhone shouldn't be a problem. In fact; it's not even possible to install Java on modern desktop computers! All the major browsers stopped supporting the Java plug in years ago.

Be sure you're not thinking about JavaScript though!

JavaScript (which is different to Java) is different though - most modern websites will require you to have JavaScript enabled to be able to use them properly; so don't get the two confused!

If a website has warned you that you don't have JavaScript enabled and you've found this page to fix the problem; the chances are you're actually looking for our guides to enable JavaScript instead.

If you really need it

If you really do actually need to use the Java plugin, you can go back to our Install Java guides listing and choose your desktop operating system (Windows or macOS) and try it there.

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