Enable Cookies in Opera

This guide will step you through the process of getting Cookies enabled in the Opera web browser.

Get Cookies

If you don't have Opera and would like to try it out, you can download it from the Opera Website.

  1. Open the "Easy Setup" menu

    In the top right corner of the Opera window, you'll see the "Easy Setup" button. Click it to display the basic Opera settings menu.

    The Opera Easy Setup menu button

  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the Easy Setup menu

    Now that you've opened the Easy Setup menu, you need to scroll to the very bottom of it.

    At the very bottom, you'll see a link called "Go to browser settings".

    The Opera Easy Setup menu item

  3. Search for "cookie"

    On the Settings screen that has now appeared, you'll see a "Search settings" input box (possibly behind the Easy Setup menu that you just clicked on).

    Search Settings input

    Type the word "cookie" into the search box to reveal the settings for cookies.

  4. Click "Site Settings"

    When you searched for "cookie", the settings screen changed to highlight sections which are relevant to cookies.

    Scroll down and find the Site Settings option and then click it.

    The Site settings item with Cookies highlighted

  5. Click "Cookies"

    Inside the "Site Settings" screen, find the option that says "Cookies" and click it.

    The Cookies option

    You will be taken to the Cookies settings.

  6. Choose your Cookie settings

    Now that you're in the Cookies settings, you can choose which cookie settings you want to enable or disable.

    The cookies interface will look like the following screenshot. Enable or disable your desired settings with the sliding controls which we have highlighted with a blue oval:

    The Allow sites to save and read cookies setting will control whether cookies can be set by websites. Generally speaking, you probably want to keep this enabled (the control slid to the right; background is blue). Without cookies, many websites won't work properly.

    However you may decide to enable the Block third-party cookies setting. Third party cookies are often used by companies to track users behaviour online. Blocking third party cookies is a good way of helping prevent this.

  7. You have configured your Cookies settings

    Congratulations, you just configured Cookies in Opera. Click to check if Cookies are enabled.

    You can close the Settings tab and resume browsing the internet.

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