What version of Flash do I have?

JavaScript is not enabled.
JavaScript needs to be enabled in order to detect Flash.

Need help enabling JavaScript?

Here's how to enable JavaScript in lots of different web browsers.

This page tells you which version of Flash you have installed (provided that you do actually have Flash installed).

Flash detection relies on JavaScript being enabled. So if you don't have JavaScript enabled then it's not possible to detect the status of Flash.

It's important to keep Flash up to date, so that you get access to the latest features, but most importantly to ensure that you do not have any security vulnerabilities.

If you don't have Flash installed and would like to, or wish to update it, you can download the latest version of Flash from Adobe.

UPDATE: July 2015

There have been a number of serious vulnerabilities discovered in Flash recently. You can read more about them here:

As a result; we now recommend either not installing Flash unless it is absolutely necessary, or, disabling it and only allowing it on websites you trust.

How do I install Adobe Flash?

If you don't have Flash installed and would like to, you can download Flash from Adobe.

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