Are pop-ups allowed by my web browser?

JavaScript is not enabled.
JavaScript needs to be enabled in order to detect if pop-up windows are allowed by your web browser.

This page shows you if your browser is allowing pop-up windows to be automatically shown.

Need help enabling JavaScript?

Here's how to enable JavaScript in lots of different web browsers.

The only way to know...

The only way to test this is to actually try to automatically open a pop-up window; this is why you might have either seen a "Pop-up Blocked" warning near your browser's Address Bar, or you may have seen a pop-up window flash on the screen briefly.

Spammers ruin everything

Pop-up windows have some legitmate uses on the web; but in reality, they have been abused by spammers for a long time, so it is very common for modern web browsers to automatically block pop-up windows.

It's possible to allow pop-up windows for certain domains (or to disable pop-up blocking all together).

We're going to write some guides about enabling and disabling pop-ups. Check back later!

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