Minimum System Requirements

Don't just give your customers and users a list of minimum requirements for your website or service; here's a tool that helps them check exactly what they do and don't have; and then get tutorials to help them get whatever else they need.

Example Sample screenshot - include your own branding, customise a message.

How to use this tool

Simply craft a URL to our site which contains what is and isn't necessary and the place it as a link from your website.

If you want to include custom branding or messages, just get in touch via the Contact Us page and we'll sort it out with you!

How your customers use this tool

They click a link on your website and see an easy to understand list of requirements for your website; it will give them a green Good or red Bad for each requirement depending on what you have set up and what their web browser has, allowing them to easily understand what they're missing to be able to use your website perfectly.

If they are missing any of your requirements, we'll include links to our guides which will help them change their settings appropriately.

Get started

Go to the Wizard page to easily build your own URL.


This tool is and will always be free to use. You don't have to register - just generate a URL and put it on your site! If you want to be cool and customise the messages/branding, get in touch.

Please make sure you read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before you use this feature - the gist is that common sense prevails - we hope this tool is helpful but give no promises that it works or that your users will actually be able to use your site.


Branded Examples

Configuring your unique URL

Use our Wizard to set up your own URL. Go to the Configuration page.

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