I'm having problems with a website

Unfortunately, we are not able to help with problems on other websites; we can only help with whatismybrowser.com; the site you are currently using.

However don't despair, there are some things you can try first...


Firstly, what kind of problem are you having? Is a bit of functionality on the other site not working properly? Often this can be because you have Cookies or JavaScript disabled in your web browser. You can check if you have then enabled by using our handy tools:

If you don't have JavaScript or Cookies enabled, you can try turning them on:

Something else you can try is clearing your web browser's cache and cookies. This often solves problems with websites, and it's also usually one of the first things that a website's support team will suggest. We have some guides to help you with this:

And of course, it's important to have an up to date web browser! Older versions of web browsers are often no longer supported by websites and you might run into problems if you use them. It's also important to use up to date web browsers to help stay safe and secure on the internet.

If your web browser is out of date, follow our instructions to update it:

Hopefully some of these tips will have solved your problem with the website.

Other things you can try

Make sure that you've read any error messages on the other website closely; often they will include a more detailed description of what has gone wrong, and sometimes a way to fix it. You could follow any instructions they provide and see if it helps.

Have you tried searching the internet for your problem? Often you're not the only one having the problem and someone else might have found the solution already. Go to a search engine - Google and DuckDuckGo are two good options - and type in a description of your problem. Hopefully you find some help!

The best idea is usually to contact the website that you're having problems with directly and see if they can help you. Look for a "Help" or "Contact" section on their site. Some larger websites might have support forums for their products where you can post your question/problem that you're having and members of the community can reply.

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