Enable JavaScript in Edge

We have lots of guides for enabling and disabling JavaScript in different browsers on different platforms, however, Microsoft have decided that in their new Edge browser that it's not possible for consumers to enable or disable JavaScript!

JavaScript can't be disabled in Edge

We don't have a guide for enabling (or disabling) JavaScript in Edge because that option doesn't exist!

Normally you can go to the "Settings"/"Preferences"/"Options" section in your web browser and choose to enable or disable JavaScript, but this no longer exists in Edge.

No JavaScript control

There has been an ever increasing reliance on JavaScript to make modern websites work; websites used to be constructed mainly using plain old HTML (to put everything on the screen), some styles (to change the colors, sizes and positioning of the HTML) and sometimes some JavaScript (to make parts of the site interactive or "smart"). However one of the modern web trends is using JavaScript to essentially build entire websites with JavaScript.

We'll refrain from editoralising whether we think this is a good trend or not... but the fact is that Microsoft seem to feel so strongly that every user always has JavaScript enabled in Edge that they've removed the ability to turn it off.

If you're interested in web browsers that give you more control over your personal settings, you could check out Firefox or Chrome.

Control through Group Policy

On the Organisational Editions of Windows 10 (eg. the versions you would typically find at a Company or University) Microsoft have added an obscure way of disabling JavaScript. It requires using the "Windows Group Policy Editor". This option is not available to customers with "Home" or "Starter" editions of Windows 10.

On the Organisational Editions of Windows 10 (eg. "Pro", "Enterprise"), you can follow these instructions to Enable or Disable JavaScript:

  1. Launch the Edit Group Policy tool
  2. Expand the User Configuration section
  3. Expand the Administrative Templates section
  4. Expand the Windows Components section
  5. Expand the Microsoft Edge section
  6. Double click the Allows you to run scripts, like Javascript option
  7. Choose Enabled or Disabled depending on your preference.
  8. Click Ok to accept and close the dialog

Looking for guides to enable JavaScript in other web browsers?

Here are some guides for other web browsers like Safari or Firefox.

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