Enable JavaScript in Chrome on Mobile

The modern internet landscape and the technologies we use online have changed significantly in the last few years. One of the major and interesting changes is that JavaScript has become more and more important for websites to function.

In the beginning...

It used to be that JavaScript would provide little bits of extra functionality to websites; maybe navigation menus that changed color when you hovered over each item, or a scrolling news ticker. Then later, JavaScript started to be used to update whole parts of the websites you visited without refreshing the whole page.

The dark side of JavaScript

JavaScript could also be used to track your activity online, or to make annoying, obnoxious and in some cases even dangerous websites, and so some people would choose to disable JavaScript for some or all websites they visited, to remove those "extra" features but still use the underlying website.

Modern JavaScript

However now, JavaScript is used on some websites as a base mechanism to display the entire website. Without JavaScript some sites won't work at all.

JavaScript can't be disabled on Chrome Mobile

The Chrome developers have decided that JavaScript is important enough on the modern web to always keep it enabled on mobile devices. As such, they have removed the ability to disable JavaScript on mobile devices.

This will undoubtably remove issues with users who have disabled JavaScript without meaning to and have thus encountered problems online.

If you are concerned about advertising or companies tracking your behaviour online, you can investigate Chrome extensions to help you preserve your privacy or switch to a different web browser.

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