Enable Cookies in Yandex Browser (Mobile)

Enabling/disabling cookies in the Yandex mobile browser is not possible

It's not possible to change your Cookies settings in the mobile version of Yandex Browser.

There are no controls to completely block cookies or even to just block Third-Party cookies. As such, we can't give you instructions on how to do this!

If you're worried about cookies being used to track you online, you can always clear your Cookies and History each time you are finished browsing the web. Alternatively you can always try a different web browser which gives you more control over these kinds of settings.

Incognito mode

You can also browse the web in incognito mode by selecting it from the menu (3 dots) on the homescreen of Yandex Browser. This will cause Yandex to delete any saved cookies when you exit incognito mode.

Looking for guides to enable Cookies in other web browsers?

Here are some guides for other web browsers like Safari or Firefox.

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