Enable Cookies in Opera Touch

Opera Touch - the mobile version of Opera's browser - has a slick and powerful approach to browsing the internet, and once again, Opera seems to be setting a new trend and doing things a bit differently to other browsers...

On your phone, First-Party cookies are always enabled in Opera Touch

With Opera Touch, you can't disable First-Party cookies - they are always enabled. Opera have completely removed the ability to block First-Party cookies.

It seems pretty strange at first; fine-grained control over cookies was something which web browsers traditionally always provided to the users that wanted to take full control of their browser. However it's a simple fact that the internet in general is pretty hard to use these days without first-party cookies enabled.

So it seems that to prevent configuration problems for their users, Opera have removed the ability to disable First-Party cookies in Opera Touch.

We don't consider this a real privacy or security issue; if you're visiting a website, the chances are you trust them enough to set cookies on your browser and you can always clear your cookies and history in Opera as well.

Third-Party cookies are always disabled in Opera Touch

Interestingly though; Opera have chosen to remove the option for allowing or blocking Third-Party cookies (cookies set by websites other than the one you're visiting). Third-Party cookies are most commonly used by advertising companies and social media networks, so it's very common for privacy minded users to block websites from setting third-party cookies.

Traditionally though, you were still given a choice. Opera have decided to always block third-party cookies. This seems like a pretty good idea for the average internet user! The only thing we can think of is that it may cause problems if there were websites that wern't tracking your behaviour online and legitimately relied on third-party cookies to work.

Combined with their built-in Ad Blocker, Opera Touch seems to be a great web browser for protecting your privacy from advertising companies.

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