How to hide your IP address

When you connect to the Internet and browse the web, your IP Address is revealed to the sites that you are connecting to. Depending on the way your network and device is configured, your address will also be revealed to the DNS servers you connect to as well.

To hide your IP Address, use a VPN - Virtual Private Network

One of the most common ways of hiding your IP Address is to connect to the internet via a VPN.

Stop being tracked and profiled

Connecting directly to the internet will reveal your personal IP address which can be used to track your web browsing habits and identify you personally.

One way to help prevent this from happening is to tunnel your internet traffic over a VPN - a Virtual Private Network.

This causes your internet traffic to be appearing to come from some where else - a physical location other than your home (or your office etc).

Preventing Snooping

Tunnelling your internet traffic over a VPN is also an excellent idea any time you connect to an "untrusted" WiFi network - for example "free wifi" in a cafe. If you don't tunnel it over a VPN, then the owner of the WiFi point - or anyone else connected to it at the same time - may be able to intercept and even modify your internet traffic.

Using a VPN goes a long way in preventing this from happening.

Using a VPN is not a "silver-bullet" for solving privacy or security problems, but it can definitely help.

Choose your VPN Wisely

When you connect to a VPN, you might be stopping people from snooping on you from the same WiFi Access Point, or preventing your ISP from inspecting your network traffic; however you must understand that you are now basically trusting which ever VPN company you are using to not do the same.

Many "free" VPN companies have been caught snooping and tampering with their customer's internet traffic.

The best idea is to choose a reputable VPN company which meets your needs - and expect to pay a little bit of money as well.

A great article from ArsTechnica about the difficulties in choosing the best VPN provider: The impossible task of creating a “Best VPNs” list today. A must read!

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