Explaining the detection on the site

We detect lots of things about your system on whatismybrowser.com and sometimes they can seem a bit confusing; so we've built a section to help explain everything for you. This site is made for "non-technical" people and we aim to make everything as clear as possible.

If there's anything that doesn't make sense, just let us know your questions via the contact form and we'll do our best to explain!

Remember, that everything we can show you on this website about your system (your browser, operating system, plugins, public IP address, local ip address and so on) is available to every website you visit; so we're not doing anything particularly "special" with this site... It's just that whereas most websites just ignore that "extra" data you send them, we show it back to you in a clear format so that you can understand more about your system.

We hope you find our site and explanations helpful.

Homepage detection

Our homepage is the main focus for whatismybrowser.com; it shows you a heap of information about your system; if anything about it isn't clear, read our homepage guide.

IFrame readout

We offer an easy to customise and embed IFrame version of the most important homepage detection. Find out more. The detection on it is the same as on the homepage.

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