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We're building a list of tutorials to help you change the settings for your web browser.

Change settings

The two most common settings people want to change are enabling or disabling JavaScript and Cookies. We have detailed guides for both of these here:

Guides to change other browser settings

Install Browser Extensions/Addons

One of the most exciting things about modern web browsers is the ability to install "Browser Extensions" (Firefox calls them "Browser Addons") into your web browser to give your web browser new or improved functionality.

There are literally thousands of browser extensions you can choose from which will do things like Block Ads & Trackers, improve the User Interface on popular websites, add gesture features, use powerful password managers, and many more things.

Extensions are usually free (although some may have "Premium plans" for extra functionality) and are very easy to install and remove.

Addons for Firefox

Explore the Firefox Addons Catalog

Extensions for Firefox

Explore the Chrome Web Store for Browser Extensions.

Install Plugins

Web Browser Plugins (different to Addons/Extensions which are described above) used to be very popular on the internet... What they do is provide a way for web developers to add "advanced" functionality to websites. They were required years ago because web browsers only offered basic functionality. Years ago, web browsers lacked the functionality to play videos or games natively - it was necessary to install a plugin like Flash or Java to add the features to be able to do this.

However in recent years, web browsers have lots more functionality built directly in to them, and so the need for plugins to add new functionality is almost zero.

On top of that, Flash and Java both had terrible track-records when it came to security problems. The tech industry has well and truly moved away from using Flash and Java to deliver advanced functionality for websites, so you almost certainly don't need to install them these days. In fact; some modern browsers don't even support them any more so you can't even install the plugins!

Some very ancient websites still do require them, so we've kept our guides here for you, but unless you are absolutely certain about it - you probably don't need to install Flash or Java.

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Other guides

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  • How to install Java on my phone (Android & iPhone)

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