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Change a web browser setting

How to change your settings: enabling JavaScript or Cookies, and how to install plugins and extensions for extra functionality.

Detect my settings

Before you can change your settings it helps to know what they are. But that can be tricky to work out; we make it easy for you.

Web browser help

Have a question about anything related to web browsers, the internet or computers? We cover tricky topics clearly.

Update your web browser

Keeping your web browser up to date is an extremely important part of staying safe online. Learn out with our guides.

"Help, I've been Hacked!"

Having your computer, phone or account accessed by criminals is scary and more common than ever these days. Here's how you can fix it.

Improve your privacy

The technology and the internet is more invasive than ever; with the right techniques and knowledge you can start to fight back.

Stay safe and avoid scams

Learn the ways to spot online scams so that you don't get tricked into giving your password or personal details away to criminals.


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Other guides

What are the latest version numbers for Web Browsers, Operating Systems & Plugins?

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What are the latest user agents for different web browsers

Additional detection

We detect all of these things on the Home page, but if you want to send someone a specific link that focuses on one of these items, here's a list of all of the extra things we detect.

Detect Web Browser Settings

Detect Web Browser

Detect Computer Details

Detect Network/Internet Details

Web Browser Versions

Operating System Versions