Help! I've been hacked!

Lots of people have contacted us for help fearing that they've been "hacked".

First let's get some of the more common ones we get asked out of the way. These are actual questions people have asked.

"The user agent mozilla/5.0... has hacked me!"

A user agent can't hack you; a user agent simply identifies a particular web browser; millions of different people will have the same user agent, so it's not something that you can identify someone by.

"Someone has been logging in to my accounts"

You should change your password; if you can't log in, try a password reset and try contacting the website you're having problems with, and then change your password to something secure and hard to guess.

"My family are being controlled by hackers"

You might consider contacting the police instead of us.

"You have hacked me!"

No, we haven't.

If you're concerned that the homepage of shows you detailed information about you/your computer, remember that this information is being sent by your browser to every single website you visit. Most websites just ignore it and show you the page that you asked for; however to provide a helpful service, we actually do show it back to you. This includes which web browser you're using, your IP address, your JavaScript and Cookies settings and more.

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