How frequently does the site check for new browser versions?

Our systems automatically check for new software (browsers and plugins) versions every 6 hours.

If a new version is detected, our "versions" system is updated; and when the various systems which use this info (namely, the Website and the API) check this database via an API every hour they update their local copy of version data with this new version.

A notification message (via email and Slack) is sent to our techs, making us aware of the update and alerting if there was a problem checking for the latest version so that we can fix it immediately.

This ensures that our version data is kept very fresh.

You can check what we have on record as the latest version of your browsers.

API Access

Are you interested in getting access to our versions database/API? We're currently gauging interest and planning if/when to release it as part of the API. If you're a developer and are interested, please let us know.

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