User Browser Reports

Introduction is built with the goal of making it as easy as possible for Developers, Systems Administrators and Tech Support staff to gain a clear yet detailed view of the system their clients are using.

This goal informed the clean design of the homepage, lead to the creation of the email tool and now: the launch of a new feature; User Browser Reports.

How does it work?

Every time someone visits the homepage of, a unique url code is created and displayed directly under the main header.

Users are encouraged to share this link with you, so that you can quickly see their set up.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are two fundamentals of

IP Addresses

Because many users Tweet or Facebook these unique URLs for everyone to see, we were concerned that this would lead to malicious parties being able to link a user's Twitter or Facebook account to their IP address.

As such; for now we only display the first two sections of a user's IP address. We hope this is enough information to give an idea of where they are coming from (ie your Corporate IP address, a home account etc) but not enough to identify these users in log files or for directed attacks.

Additionally, for very similar reasons we don't show any local ip addresses.

We want your feedback on IP Addresses

Do you think we're being overly cautious?

If you make an informed decision to post your IP on Twitter, that's one thing, but most people using this tool are non-technical and may not realise all the implications of this; hence why we only show part of it.

If you have an opinion on this - either way - we'd love to hear it :)

Privacy and Tracking

This tool is provided for the benefit of you and your customers; we won't use it for tracking or profiling you and we won't sell it or do anything uncool like that. At some point we might look at data in aggregate (ie to compare how many people do or don't have JavaScript enabled), but nothing linked to you personally.

We give more detail on this in our terms and conditions, so if you're concerned then please check it out and let us know what you think.

Comments, questions?

Constructive feedback on this system is always welcome. If you have any ideas for additions or changes, we'd love to hear about it.

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