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How this site can help you and your users

Here's a few ways Developers, Webmasters and Sysadmins can benefit from this site:

What browser is your client running?

The home page gives your users all sorts of helpful information regarding their browser so that you don't have to waste time stepping them through the process of enumerating their entire browsing set up.

Does your client's browser support a certain feature?

There's a readout of common CSS3 and HTML5 browser features at the bottom of the home page which shows whether or not things like css gradients or HTML5 video are supported. Further to this, if they see lots of red crosses there, maybe they'll update to a newer browser!

Is your client's browser up to date?

Having to support old versions of web browsers sucks, so lets encourage everyone to upgrade their browser! The home page of shows a big warning if someone comes along with an out of date browser. Thousands of people click the "update my browser" links each month, so even if you can't convince them to upgrade their browser, maybe a big warning sign will help encourage them.

Clients can email their browser details to you

On the home page there is a form which your users can use to send their details to you. They don't even need to copy and paste it all into an email to you; just fill out the form and click send. Some of the fields on the form can be prepopulated and you can include a ticket number for reference in your support systems. For more information, read the help page.

Give them a list of your site requirements

Instead of a simple list of requirements for your site... you need IE 11 and Cookies enabled..., you can give them a customised list of technology requirements for using your site. If your user doesn't meet any of those requirements, they'll get a helpful link to a guide which will help them fix what they're missing. Check out the Minimum System Requirements tool

What does this user agent fragment mean?

In building and maintaining this site's user agent parsing, I spend a lot of time looking at user agents; sometimes there's ones that I can't figure out, nor can anyone else on the internet. So I created a place to collect all the unknown user agent fragments in one place so that perhaps collectively we can figure them out and everyone can learn a bit.

Embed the browser detection on your own website

I've made an iframe version of so that you can easily put the best browser detection site on your own page. It's perfect for embedding on your Contact or Support pages.

Parse different user agents

If you have a user agent that you can't make sense of, the custom user agent parsing tool will help you figure out what it means.

Educate your clients

There is a growing list of guides and how-tos written to help beginner and non-technical internet users. If you need to explain to someone how to enable JavaScript, you can just send them to this section and they'll be able to figure it out.

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