Is "Do-Not-Track" enabled?


PLEASE NOTE: Your browser is not sending "Do-not-track" requests; this may be because you have not enabled or it, or because your browser is not capable of sending "Do-not-track" requests.

The "Do Not Track" setting in your web browser is a way of indicating to the websites that you visit that you don't want them or the ads they display to track what you do on their website.

If you have Do Not Track enabled, your web browser will send an extra HTTP header each time it requests a web page, indicating that you don't want to be tracked. It is a relatively new feature, so older browsers won't have the ability to do this.

Please note that it is entirely optional whether or not the website you are viewing chooses to obey the Do Not Track preference or not. This is merely your way of indicating that you don't want to be tracked.

In other words, enabling the Do Not Track setting does not stop you from being tracked.

Some companies have committed to respecting this request; but many more have not yet.

If it becomes popular and respected in the online community, the Do Not Track setting has great potential.

For more information, please see the Do Not Track page which is maintained by Stanford and Princeton researchers.

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