How big is my computer screen?

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What are pixels?

Think of a pixel as one of the tiny little dots on your screen that helps make up everything you see on your screen.

A screen resolution of x measured in pixels isn't a measurement of the physical size of your screen, but rather it describes how many "little dots" wide your screen is and how many "little dots" tall your screen is.

The color depth of your screen is measure in "bits". It refers to how many "bits" of information are used to describe the color for each pixel. The more bits are used for each pixel on your screen, the more accurate the colors can be.

A 16 bit display means your screen can show about 65,000 different color combinations. A 24 bit display means your screen can show about 16.7 million different color combinations.

Sounds interesting, where can I learn more?

The paragraphs above are a very simplified explanation of pixels and colour depth. For more information, Wikipedia has a good page about Pixels and Color depth.

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