Am I using Tor?


It doesn't look like your web traffic is going over the Tor network.

Your IP address is Which roughly appears to be in Ashburn, United States, Earth.

How is this detected? maintains a copy of the Tor exit node IP addresses [1], in order to detect if you're using Tor, we look in that list for the IP address you're coming from. If it's in the list, then we conclude that your traffic is coming from the Tor network and if not, then we presume that you are not using Tor.

Of course, when you're using something as complex as Tor you shouldn't rely on this as any sort of 100% confirmation that you are secure, private, anonymous, untraceable or anything else of the sort... As with everything on this site, use it as a guide!

What's Tor?

Tor is software designed to allow users to communicate anonymously.

The name "Tor" is derived from the project name: "The Onion Router".

Tor consists of hundreds of entry/exit points and thousands of internal nodes arranged in a mesh-like fashion. When data/information goes in one of the entry points, it bounces around a number of times before exiting one of the exit points. The idea is that if anyone is watching the traffic of one of the exit nodes (or tries to trace internet activity back to the source) they get to the exit node it came from but are unable to trace it further back through the mesh to the origin of the traffic.

Tell me more...

Instead of overly-simplifying information about Tor any further, please have a look at the official Tor Project "About Tor" page for more information on who uses Tor and why.

[1] - We use the list of IP addresses from for our list of TOR exit nodes. Thankyou Dan for providing this helpful service!

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