Our Minimum System Requirements tool

Posted on 16 March 2017

We've built and launched a tool which allows you to easily give your users a list of the minimum system requirements for using your site. You can customise the requirements shown to match what your site needs; and if your users are missing any of the requirements, they'll get links to help them change their system to match your needs.

Check out a demonstration for an example company.

Customise it to your needs

Not only can you use the Wizard to customise the link that you give your users, if you get in touch with us, we'll brand it with your logo, customise the message at the top and give your users a link to click to go back to your site.

Make sure your users are ready

Although the hell-days of sites which say "This site works best on Internet Explorer 6" are gone, lots of users (particularly less computer-savvy ones) are still running old browsers or don't have setups which won't match the requirements of your site. This tool makes it really easy for your users to check and change their computer set up so they will have a smooth experience on your website.

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