API Launch

Posted on 20 August 2014

We are proud to announce that the WhatIsMyBrowser.com User Parsing API is now available to use.

Companies, developers and site owners are now able to use the same world class user agent parsing library which powers the detection on whatismybrowser.com in their own systems.

Applications of the API

One of the key applications of this technology is to integrate our parser with your own help desk or contact forms, so that when your users encounter problems and need to contact you, you don't need to ask them which browser they're using (or even redirect them to our site) - your system will already have a clear understanding of their browsing set up.

It can also be integrated with your error logs; so that when there are problems you can have a solid idea of the user's system which encountered the problem.

The API is not meant to be used for traditional approaches to creating cross browser websites; using user agents to change the html/styling is so passe (and a really bad way of doing it!). You want to use feature detection for this; perhaps using the modernizer library.

But for any other circumstance where you want to know what browser your customer is using, use our API.

Advantages of using our API

Always up to date

You don't need to keep updating a 3rd party parsing library; as soon as you're hooked in to our API, you'll always be using the latest version of it. We are continually developing it, so you'll be automatically harnessing the new additions.

Platform independant

It doesn't matter what programming language you've used to build your system or site in; it simply needs to POST an API request and parse the resulting JSON and you're in business (easy!)

Freemium pricing

Run a small site but still want to use it? No problem, we have a free tier which gives you the core features and lets you test it out.

Need the extra features; like knowing if their browser is out of date or getting even more detail about their browser? Switch to one of the paid plans.

There are no sign up, plan change or cancellation fees; just a reasonable, flat monthly (pro-rata) fee.

Trusted Technology Partners

We use the awesome 3Scale platform to manage API accounts, auth tokens, usage and billing. We use the world class Braintree to handle payments and keep your billing details safe.

Get started now

Head over to our API page and get started right now.

We have sample code on github to get you started.

Or have a look at some browse the specification right now.

We look forward to seeing what you build with it. If you have any problems or questions with the API, don't hesitate to ask us; we're always happy to help.

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