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Posted on 20 January 2014

Welcome to 2014, and welcome to the new design for

I've spent a bit of time over the Christmas and New Years break creating the new version of the site and I'm very proud to have launched it. I've been planning this rebuild for a few months and I'm very happy to finally launch it.

I started in 2010 to fill a gap; to make a website that would tell a user all about their web browser in the simplest and most straight forward way, and this has continued to be my motivation behind this new design.

Home Page

The home page is probably the most drastically changed part of the site. The primary goal of the site has always been to deliver the information as clearly as possible because it targets non-technical users.

The Home Page continues to reflect this; I have taken a lot of effort to make sure that the Information Architecture is clear and logical; the information which is presented gets more and more technical as the user goes down the page; starting with the nice big simple Browser String (Browser and OS name and version) and ending up with a (mostly) modernizer powered read-out and the user agent.

A few new features

I've included a few new detection items in this version as well; the main ones are Browser Size (which is responsively updated as you resize your browser), and a very interesting new one: Local IP.

Local IP detection in JavaScript

Local IP detection is something which has never been possible until recently.

The WebRTC API found in Chrome and Safari can be persuaded into revealing the local IP addresses of a machine behind a NAT Firewall. So your internal ip can now be publicly determined.

I've written more about it on the What is my local IP Address page.

Please note that it will only appear on the Home Page if you are using a modern version of Chrome or Safari.

HTTP Header display

You can now see which headers your web browser sends in each request. Note that the headers shown may vary from site to site.

I didn't include this on the homepage because it was a bit too technical for the vast majority of people.

Email your browser details

I've added a new field: "Their name/Ticket Number" to the Send Browser details feature. This allows you to optionally include a name or a ticket number for the person who is receiving the email.

I added this because a lot of sites use this on their Help Desk; so this provides a way to also include a ticket number to make it easier for them to join the emails to the support tickets.

"How-to" is now "Guides"

I've renamed the "How to" section to "Guides"; this is a more descriptive name of what it is and what it will become. This is in part because there are already articles like "Why should I update my web browser?", which isn't really a "How to"...

One of my main goals for 2014 is to really expand the content I have on the site.

Browser Detection

I continue to work diligently on one of the major aspects of the site; the user agent parsing . I try to dedicate time each day to improving the parsing on the site to include more and more devices and configurations.

All the major ones have been detected for years now, but what I keep doing is adding new devices and browsers, so that when a user comes to the site, or when someone uses the User Agent Parser, with an uncommon set up, the site can still detect exactly what they're using. I also detect a lot of frameworks (Ie Python, C# and Java in particular) which make web requests. It seems many developers point their software at my site to see if it gets detected. This shows up in my debugging logs and in due time I add that detection to the parser.

I also unit test the parser (I have hundreds of test cases) to ensure that any changes and addtions I make don't accidentally break some other part of it.

Still coming...

The blog layout is a bit lacking at the moment; hopefully I'll have a chance to write a little more blog content this year. I also want to make the user agent parsing page a bit more helpful; perhaps grouping families of user agents together... I don't have a vision for it yet but I'll work on it this year.

Is there anything you'd like me to add in particular? Please use the Contact page and let me know what you think I should be focusing on.

That's it for now, I hope you like the new design. Let me know if you have any feed back or more ideas for it!

Thanks for using my site.

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