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  • Our Minimum System Requirements tool


    We've built a new tool for you: give your users a dynamic "Minimum System Requirements" display for your website.

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    We've built a new tool for you: give your users a dynamic "Minimum System Requirements" display for your website.

  • Detecting if Third-Party Cookie are enabled


    We can now detect if your browser is allowing third party cookies to be set.

  • Moving our Email from Mandrill to Postmark


    MailChimp have merged Mandrill into their MailChimp product; significantly increasing the costs of using them.

  • Website re-launch


    The looks haven't changed much; most of the improvements are "under the hood", but the entire website just finished getting rebuilt!

  • API Launch


    We are proud to announce that our User Parsing API is now available to use.

  • Geolocating IP Addresses


    We now detect and show the approximate location of your IP address on the homepage.

  • New design launched


    Welcome to 2014, and welcome to the new design for

    I've spent a bit of time over the Christmas and New Years break creating the new version of the site and I'm very proud to have launched it. I've been planning this rebuild for a few months and I'm very happy to finally launch it.

  • Puffin Browser's new user agent format


    Occasionally when I encounter a fragment that I'm not 100% sure about, I'll contact the manufacturer to ensure that I'm parsing their user agent properly.

    Most companies that I've contacted are pretty cool and get back to me with helpful information, and just recently the makers of the Puffin Web Browser were no exception.

    Read on to find out what IP, IT, AP, IT, WP and WT mean in Puffin user agent strings.

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