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Helping website owners

  • When someone is having problems with your website, the first questions you tend to ask are difficult for non-technical users to answer: what browser are you using? is it up to date? what operating system are you using? do you have javascript enabled? what version of flash do you have? the list goes on... Most people on the internet use the web without really understanding any of this.
  • makes it simple to answer all of these questions very quickly, with a clear read out of all the hidden technical information you need to know; so that you can get down to the real business of helping your users.
  • also has guides to help your users: update your web browser, enable javascript, install Flash etc.
  • can let your users email you their browser information, or send you a link which contains their browser information.
  • has an API so that you can integrate their detection systems deeper into your own system.

Helping web users

We help millions of people each month stay safe on the internet. The first thing you see when you load our home page is a big warning about whether you're up to date or not (when you're using one of the major browsers)

We also provide lots of really useful guides; to help you Enable JavaScript, Allow cookies, Update your Web Browser and many more.

Company overview

This site is the creation of Brett Harris. Brett has been a web developer for over 15 years. He created this site out of a need of his own - he needed a simple way to understand his client's web browsing set up as he was developing their websites. There was no website which offered a simple and clean way of showing this output to non-technical users, so in 2010 he created one.

Since then, the site's popularity has increased at an incredible rate, now allowing millions of people each month quickly get the basic, boring techincal questions out of the way and helping website owners and developers get down to the real business of helping their users.

We continue to add new features and refine and extend our existing ones. We have an API which allows businesses to tap into the same browser detection system we use on the home page.

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Media appearances

Brett is a confident public speaker and is always happy to be interviewed for the website or for any related technical matters such as Internet Security, Web trends or issues relating to web development. Brett has appeared on media programs such as 3RRR's "Byte in to IT" radio show (2014/06/25) and the site has been featured in a number of web based news sites.

Media enquiries

We would love to be featured on your website, blog, magazine or pod cast.

For media enquiries, please contact Brett.

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