We take the Accessibility of our website for impaired users very seriously and think that it is important that our site is usable by everyone.

As we develop the site we make special effort to follow the guidelines set out in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 document, which is written by the W3C organisation.

WCAG 2.0 - Level AAA

We claim compliance with the WCAG 2.0 standard at Level AAA.

In particular, we take special care regarding:

  • Correct use of HTML5 syntax and structure, including appropriate use of nav, headings, section, article and footer elements to correctly reflect the structure of the pages.
  • Use of various "aria" attributes on HTML elements, to make the role of different parts of the pages clear.
  • Responsive design; making sure the site works on a variety of devices and screen sizes, including the ability to be zoomed in while retaining proper layout and functionality
  • Making sure there are always helpful "alt tags" on images
  • Making sure that functionality is available from the keyboard; so that users who are unable to use a mouse can still operate the site.
  • Careful use of color - there is always enough contrast between background and foreground colors, and color isn't used as the only way of delivering meaning (eg. error vs success messages)

Find out more

If you would like to know more about the WCAG 2.0 specification, here are some links to the guidelines and recommendations from the W3C.


We take care to meet all guidelines in WCAG 2.0, but if you find something that we've missed or haven't done correctly, we want to know about it.

Please use the Contact page to let us know what you've found. We'll take immediate steps to fix the problem.

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