Are Cookies enabled?

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This page tells you if Cookies are enabled in your current web browser.

Cookie detection relies on JavaScript being enabled. So if you don't have JavaScript enabled then it's not possible to detect if Cookies are enabled. 

If you don't have JavaScript enabled, this site has a growing list of guides to show you how to enable JavaScript for your browser.

If you don't have Cookies enabled, this site has a growing list of guides to show you how to enable Cookies for your browser.

Once you've got Cookies enabled, visit the Homepage to make sure your browser is up to date and to get a full read-out of your web browser's capabilities.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are little bits of information that websites store on your computer when you visit them. A website might use a cookie to store the country that you're visiting from. Cookies only contain information that you or the website provides. Cookies don't allow websites any more access to your files or personal information than what you provide it with.

How do websites use Cookies?

An online shopping website might use Cookies to keep track of all of the products you have added to their Shopping Cart. If you log into a website, it may create a cookie to remember the time you logged in at.

Which websites can read my Cookies?

Only the website that set a cookie can read that cookie. In other words, one website can't read the cookies from another website. 

Why are some people concerned about accepting Cookies?

It has always been possible to track your behaviour on the internet; cookies just make it easier to do.

Some advertising networks will set a cookie when you view one of their advertisements on a website. When you go to a completely different website but view another advertisement from the same advertising network, they will be able to read that cookie and realise that the same person has just viewed both of the websites. Using this technique they can build a profile of you and all the websites that you like to visit, as well as how long you stay on them, what times you visit and so on.

It is for this reason that many people like to regularly clear their web browser's cookies. has a list of guides designed to help you enable, disable and clear your cookies.

Are Cookies safe?

Ultimately, you need to remember that it is the way that websites use cookies that determines their safety. For the most part, cookies are a safe and necessary part of using the Internet. A lot of websites won't work properly if you don't have Cookies enabled.

Cookies can be used to track your behaviour between websites (such as in the example of advertisers building a profile of your activity over time).

If you are concerned about Cookie safety, you can disable cookies and try browsing the web. Notice if you have different experiences with websites that you visit. If you're unable to access certain websites because of this, then consider turning them back on. If not, then feel free to leave cookies disabled!

Generally speaking, I have cookies enabled in my web browser and I advise my clients, friends and familes to keep the enabled as well.

More questions?

If you have any more questions about Cookies, use the contact form and we'll answer it and add your question here.